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Picnic Pick-and-Mix Handpies

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 7th August 2017

Summer holidays are here and getting outdoors is a great thing to do with the family when you’ve been cooped up in schools and offices all year. Add a a picnic into the mix you've got yourself an adventure - especially when you take the unreliable British weather into account. This recipe will not only make an event out of prepping for the picnic, but it’ll provide a range of options for young and old and something comforting enough to eat in the car hiding from the rain or light enough to eat sat in the sun. You can make the pastry with the kids and lay out all the filling options for them to choose from so that they can make their lunch and mark the tops of the pies as they wish.


Warm Salads on the Rangemaster

Posted by James McIntosh Tuesday, 12th August 2014

What a summer we have had. Touch wood it stays like this. Constant sunshine and very few showers. The World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. For me, well, I’ve been working, a few days off in Greece and as fabulous as it sounds 35C was a bit too much for my milk-bottle white Northern Irish complexion. Holidays in the sun for me resemble my favourite cooked shellfish. Lobster. My other half was very pleased to have me in Greece, mosquito’s love me, I don’t love them. Upon my return to the UK I was described as a personal Mosquito catcher. Charming. Other half was not bitten.  

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